We are a maths reading group at the University of Auckland city campus, meeting weekly to discuss all things Number Theory. Feel free to come along!

We meet at 3pm – 4pm Fridays in building 302 or 303 (please see below). Our format is one (or more) presenter(s) per meeting who chooses a topic to present on. No preparatory reading is required, but recommended.

Date (2020)RoomTopicPresenter
27 MarZoomElliptic curve and group law introductionTristan Pang
3 AprZoomFermat’s theorem on sums of two squaresOliver Li
10 AprZoom-Bertrand’s postulateSean Carroll
17 AprZoom-CryptographySamuel Dobson
24 AprZoom-p-adic numbersTristan Pang
1 MayZoom-Elliptic curves over the complex numbersLukas Zobernig
15 MayZoom-Nagell-LutzTristan Pang
22 MayZoom-Elliptic and modular functionsLukas Zobernig
5 JunZoom-Elliptic and modular functions contLukas Zobernig
10 JulZoom-Dirichlet’s TheoremTristan Pang
17 Jul303-G15-Cryptographic Hash Functions: Theory, Applications, Constructions and AttacksShalini Banerjee
24 Jul303-G15-Complex multiplication contLukas Zobernig
31 Jul303-G15-Subsequent improvements on the complexity of iterative slicing for closest vector problemFrank Kim
7 Aug303-G15-Class groups of imaginary quadratic number fieldsSamuel Dobson
11 Sep303-G15-On the insolubility of the quinticDr. Jeroen Schillewaert
18 Sep303-G15
25 Sep303-G15
2 Oct303-G15
9 Oct303-G15
16 Oct303-G15
23 Oct303-G15

Sessions aim to be self contained in blocks. All welcome, though aimed at students with at least postgrad mathematics. Check the resources page for reading material.

NTRG is currently organised by Oliver Li. The 2020 sessions before September were organised by Tristan Pang.

To be added to the mailing list (which reminds everyone of when the sessions are), please fill in the form:

Please direct questions to Oliver Li at mli730[at]aucklanduni.ac.nz.

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